Help ID a .40 S&W headstamp


Hello. I am a new member and would like some help to ID a .40 S&W round. It has a “I” with a star on either side. It also has a flat bottom “V” stamp on the primer itself. This is an unfired round so the primer stamp is not a firing pin mark. Can provide a photo. Thanks in advance for the help.


IIRC, that’s “Independent” or “Independence”, a name used by CCI, but I don’t know where I remember it from.


It is “INDEPENDENCE” brand and is made by CCI. I beleive it is their “Cheap” line, like Remington’s “U.M.C.” line.


Hello sniper1.

The cartridge you have is from the brand name Independence. Independence brand ammunition is considered an economy line of ammunition, similar to CCI Blazer Brass, Winchester USA (often called WWB for “Winchester White Box”), Remington UMC and Federal American Eagle (AE).

Early production of the Independence handgun ammo was made by CBC of Brazil. The flat-base “V” on the primer is like a CBC monogram. This “V” can be found on current commercial ammunition made by CBC and sold under the Magtech brand name. On one of the early Independence 9x19mm box that I gave to Lew Curtis had on the back of the box “Made in Brazil”.

Current production Independence ammunition no longer have the “V” on the primer and on the back of the box is: Ammunition Accessories Inc., Lewiston, ID, 83501 USA.

It is my understanding that AAI is part of the ATK conglomeration that includes companies: CCI, Speer & Federal Cartridge.


Thanks to everyone. I learned alot and it helped clear up some questions.