Help ID a Shot Shell



I need some help with information about this one. I have several of these shot shells from France. All are missing the primer cap and it looks like just the anvil is present within the primer. The shell otherwise appears to be live. Were these made this way or were they deactivated by someone?

When were these manufactured and can anyone estimate a value? I end up with these pieces and I really don’t have much of an idea if they desirable specimen or not.

Any information would be appreciated.

Thank you.



The regular manufacturing was not made this way !
Made by SFM in 1960
Value : same as for a 1960 shotshell, nothing really exiting (at least for me!)




Thank you for taking the time to provide some good information.

I don’t know much about shotshells and it would appear these were deactivated sometime in the past.




While we’re on the subject of the wonderfully named Dircks Beath Ammo Co I have one of their shells differing from the one pictured in lacking the “MADE IN FRANCE” line and having the phrase “Target Load” in addition to “Micro” on the side. It also has a low-brass base. Can I assume this one wasn’t made by SFM and that D-B contracted these from more than one source? A date of 1960 seems reasonable for my fired shell, as I’ve had it since the early to mid 1960s and it looked quite fresh at that time. Thanks, Jack


I am not sur but I think so


I am not sur but I think so

I am not sure but I think so

Excuse the typping fault


JP: Thanks for the additional help. Jack