Help ID a Small Plastic Shotshell



I picked this thing up a long time ago and don’t know what it is. It almost looks like half of a 2.5 inch .410 shotshell.

I have never seen one of these. Does anybody what it is called and who made it? There is no headstamp and it says “9” shot on a white cardboard top wad which is held in place by a roll crimp.

Rim Diameter: 0.510
OAL: 1.28
Base Diameter: 0.475

Thanks for the help.




That’s a 45 Colt shotshell. Speer, I think.



Thank you Ray!

Never saw one before.



Alcan also made these


heavy iron & Pete

Pete is probably right on the manufacturer. I was just guessing at Speer because the red plastic is similar to other revolver cases that they made back then. I don’t have a box and my specimens are unmarked in any way.



Thank you both Pete and Ray for the information.



Here’s what a box of the cartridges looks like:


Ray–They are all .45 Colt.The red ones were by Alcan and are the production ones from the mid 1960’s. I also have experimental colors in Blue, Yellow, Olive Drab, Orange and Amber. These all came from a guy who worked in the Alcan Experimental shop. Can’t remember his name offhand. I got all of mine in the mid-1970’s. They also experimented with .45 Colt blanks with different colors and top closures-Wad, different colors of wax, etc.