Help ID British 7.92x57mm Dummy


Here is a dummy cartridge I know nothing about nor could I find information. The bullet is of natural wood. The case has no primer or powder charge. There are three rings cut into the case. I am assuming this is a function dummy of some kind but for all I know somebody did it in their garage. There is the circle on the overstamped onto the headstamp which might indicate a reload. I have bad eyes and it looks like K2 to me, which would be Kynoch in Standish. See photos below.

I would appreciate any information about or insights about this cartridge.

Thanks in advance.



This dummy was manufactured in Denmark from a fired case. Surplus cases from various countries were used.


For an earlier discussion of this type dummy and the reloaded blanks see:



That was my old post. Here are related missing photos. Mine are no dummies.


Thank you all.

Sksvlad, very interesting photos and dead ringers for the cartridges I have.




And Vlad obviously supplied the box picture on Arma-Dania :-)


The Danish division stationed in Germany after WW II, was equipped with England among other Besa machine gun in caliber 7.92 x 57 Mauser, and the Danish Navy used German Mauser In a period after the war .


At the time this thread and a couple others about the Danish blanks (with the “circle” reload mark) were active I didn’t have this box so I am adding it to the thread now.


Thanks a lot for showing this box. It’s very interesting and nice item.