Help id cartridges

I was tasked with deactivating these cartridges for a museum display and want to make sure none of these cartridges are particularly rare.

The top row are .303 British. I am hoping to confirm my research and learn any pertinent info to the cartridges. my research shows the two left as being Mk. 7 ball both having a silver colour bullet (cupronickel or gilded metal not certain which).
The two next to it appear to be Winchester ball rounds with copper coloured jacket.
The final one from online sources should be at tracer from the G in the headstamp (This one is marked GI while ones on the site were marked GII. Is there a significant difference between the two?) The bullet is also silver in colour like the first two.
Second row are left to right 45 acp Remington - united metallic cartridge, .380-200 made by DC (Dominion Cartridge?) and finally .30 carbine produced by lake city in 1943. all have a copper coloured bullet.

Thank you all in advanced. This is my firt post after reading the forum for a while any tips or recommendations to improve my posts in the future are much appreciated.

The letter G on a British commonwealth .303 denotes a tracer. The Roman numeral indicates the mark. So a G I is a Mk 1 tracer and a G II is a Mk 2 tracer. Given that this is a tracer, you will need to take that into consideration when thinking about deactivation. I cannot provide advice on how to deactivate this, for obvious reasons.

The remainder of the .303 are all commonly encountered ball rounds. I also consider the other rounds to be common (I have them in my collection).

@Mayhem thank you very much I will not deactivate the tracer for concern of the compound causing hazard. Most tracers I have come across have had a colour on the bullet tip should this one have one? As far as I can see there is no indication it had one.

Only some of the commonwealth tracers had tip colours. GI, GII and GIII didn’t. GIV and GVI were white and GV was grey (but varied). G7 and G8 didn’t use tip colours. The British relied on HS codes (G) and the annuls sealant colour (red) to ID tracer rounds.

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I have “deactivated” pulled tracer bullets by simply igniting the tracer filling in the bullet, burns sort of like a miniature highway emergency flare. Using due care, of course.