Help ID headstamp

Howdy folks, I need help to ID this round its a rimless 7.65 x 53 Mauser with the cupro-nickel jacket ,round nose bullet, the headstamp is * 7.65 m/m * the stars are in the 9 & 3 position and the 7.65 m/m is at 6 oclock, there is a like round made by Winchester on page 50 of White & Munhall with headstamp BELG. 7.65 m/m mine has no BELG. at 12 oclock but has stars and 7.65 m/m, which look the same, thanks Randy

To assist a picture would greatly help as the font and style of the stars could greatly assist as many, many manufacturer used stars like this…Sellier Bellot, Gevelot, Fiocchi, Povazske Strojarne etc.
Are they stars or asterisks. And 5 or 6 points? This would help us all in assisting you.

Thanks for you reply, both are 6 pointed stars, I am unable to post a picture, regards Randy

Randy, I’ve tried to identify this headstamp several times before and I think it could be a product of Kynoch (there is 7.9 x 57 round headstamped KYNOCH ✱ 7•9 OR 8 MM ✱ using identical six-pointed stars). All specimens I’ve seen come from Europe and not from South America.

Hello FEDE, yes thats my headstamp on my 7.65 x 53 Mauser,thanks for posting the picture, Kynoch does not feel comfortable to me, maybe more info will turn up. Randy