Help ID MG Link Please

Can any of you ‘links’ aficionados please help me identify the MG links shown below? They seem to be marked faintly with ‘AA 52 PV’. Thanks, Pete.

It is for the French AA-52.

That’s great Clieuwens, thanks very much! So should fit 7.62 NATO and 7.5x54 then?

Yes, for both calibers.

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Basically AAT-52 MG IN 7.5X54;
the NATO case has slightly different body dimensions, so the link curve is tighter.

Check with Jean-Francois Legendre for exact details.

Doc AV

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The AA52 (7.5*54 Mle 1929) and the ANF1(7.62 NATO) use the same link, cf “L’armement Français au calibre de 7.62 NATO armes et munitions” ISBN 978-2-9534885-3-1.

Thanks for the info pierrejean.


everything is said, I can just add that PV is manufactured by Peugeot situated in the city of Valentigney.
Worth noting that it is the same Peugeot as the French car manufacturer.


Thanks Jean-François, your additional information is very interesting and much appreciated, cheers, Pete.