Help, ID needed here too

Propellant casing was thought to be a ‘spent shell casing’ from Picatinny Arsenal’s EODC Foreign (Soviet) Technology Procurement Program of the 1970’s and early 1980’s. The shell measures about 33-1/2 inches in length. The opening measures about 143 mm inside and about 146 mm outside diameter. Uses a threaded primer, has a wax paper-like inner lining and has the typical fine-grooving on the inside near the open end. Base has no stampings to indicate model, year or size. Russian(?) stenciling on side can be seen in photo.

This appears to be a 130mm case for the M46 gun (separate loading).
Your case here was for an AP load.
Made in 1959 by “Orsk Mechanical Factory” of Orsk (USSR).
A very powerful gun which US forces had a hard time with in Vietnam.

I assume then that this is the Russian gun that Newsweek magazine in its April 28, 1975 edition referred to as “NVA’s deadly accurate 130mm artillery…” (Vietnam’s Last Battle.) Thanks for the reminder.

Yes, should be that one. With these guns the Vietnamese were engaging US vessels at sea.