Help ID Please


I found this in a bunch of stuff, can’t seem to figure out what it is. Lead flat tip bullet, brass case, copper primer.
Bullet Diameter: 10.74mm (.423). Case Mouth Diameter: 11.61mm (.457). Head Diameter: 11.90mm (.4685). Rim Diameter: 11.90mm (.4685). Case Length: 37.11mm (1.461). Overall Length: 51.48mm (2.027).


The measurements are very close to the .43 Eimer Colt ?


I’m not really familiar with that round. Would it be original with that Austrian headstamp?
Any other thoughts? I better dig out Motz Vols. I & II!


I haven’t seen anything like this before and is most likely a wildcat. It appears to be a 8x57 case shortened and a 10.75mm or 11mm bullet inserted.

Due to the Hirtenberger hs, the first thought is that it is of European origin but as the 8mm Mauser case is much the same as the 30-06/308 etc it could originate in the US or anywhere ?


I don’t know much about wildcats or lead bullets, but does the bullet look like an American or European style?


The bullet style does look German and resembles other 10.75/11.15mm lead bullet types such as those used on the “LK” series.

However the case type may still have originated elsewhere.

An interesting cartridge !!!


Yes it was a wildcat,made from other cut down cases,you can find it listed on


OK, I looked there. That might be the closest, but the case and overall lengths seem to be too far off.


Nothing matching in Motz or Erlmeier - Brandt - Muller. Case and overall are both too long for any similar pistol round.


The closest wildcat I am aware of is the .429 DRD express, that is a 308 Winchester case cut to 40 mm and loaded with a .429" bullet