Help ID Russian Rounds

Need help with ID of some Russian rounds.
The first 2 rounds on left are silenced (I think), a 5.45 underwater?, rimmed brass narrow brass case that has 2 dots on it for head stamp, and another silenced on the end (maybe).

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9.1x93 PFAM (“combat”, if so then fired here) or PMAM (propelling), both silent
7.62x42 SP-4 (silent)
5.45x39 PSP-UD practice load
4.5x40R SPS (fired)
7.62x63 PZAM (silent)

Kevin links to Russian sites where they are described superficially will be useful?

Is this real? Has a bit of a fake look to it.

Jon, it is perfectly fine.

Alex, the projectile is correct, but have you ever seen one of these rounds with a red neck sealant? Looks like it was assembled using a case taken from another cartridge. Kevin, what is the headstamp?

Fede, well observed!
Actually all original cases I have seen in the past were quite well scratched as some bright bulb held it with pliers while he pulled it off the projectiles which seemingly were squeezed into a vice (without cussioning - making the bulb even brighter).
So it can very well be that some “inventive” person replaced the original case with a random 5.45x39 case.
Knowing the headstamp (including photo) would help here as original cases also have a distinct primer crimp.

17/02 So wrong case. Projectile pulls out pretty easy up until that final band at the end. I have a book but its all in Russian. 2007 and Factory #539 are mentioned a lot but not sure what else it says.

It also states there is another variety that has a double band and lacks the copper plating on the first half of the projectile.

Thanks for the help.

Kevin, the all brass projectile is the practice variant. The steel with partial copper plating is the combat variant.

Your “17 02” hs is about 100% incorrect as by 2002 the round did not exist.