Help ID this shell

I’m looking to find out more information on this round. Thanks In Advance


This is a German 28x188R 28mm / 20mm squeeze bore AP round.
Usually the ballistic caps are rotted away. Your specimen is in very good condition, I would treat the cap with wax to conserve it as it will rott away otherwise.

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Thank you for such a quick response to my query.
Please forgive my ignorance, I am assuming that the cap that should be covered with wax is at the base of the shell.
is there anyway to identify it as being inert or alive round, and Is there any precautions on handling of this shell?
The only information that I have about this item was that it was brought back by a relative who was a tailgunner after the end of the war as a souvenir.

The cap is the ballistic cap, that is the pointed nose section.

It appears your round could be life. Means if you hear a noise when shaking it it most likely is.
This onoe does not contain any explosives except for the propellant. Means it has the status of a rifle cartridge.
The projectile has just a tungsten carbide core inside.

The cartridge in this condition is very scarce and a valued collector’s item.

What a nice find indeed!

The owner of this round is looking to sell it. Where would I go to list such an item or is this only able to be sold at a gun show trade show etc.

Thanks again for all the helpful information. This is a wonderful forum.

Advise on where to sell it depends on where you are living on this planet.

I am located in Algonac Michigan.
The round is not live. I was able to unscrew the primer and there is no powder in it.

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The owner is looking to get a fair and honest price for this. He isn’t looking to get “rich”.
So any offers are appreciated.

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This is starting to belong in the buy and sell section!

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