Help ID this shot shell

Today while digging a ditch in my side yard to install a drainage line I found a very corroded brass shotshell head. All that remains is the “low brass” head and some of the cardboard or fiber insides of the head. The headstamp is:

12 o’clock: “NO,10” and “MADE IN USA” in tiny letters underneath the “NO,10”.

3 o’clock: “S”

6 o’clock: CLIMAX

9 o’clock: “U”

What do I have and what era is it from?

The story of how it might have been buried in my yard to follow later…


Firstly, you have the remains of a 10 gauge Brass and paper shotshell.

It is definitely pre WW II; and possibly pre-WW I.

Climax seems to me to be a Remington UMC Brand, but don’t quote me.
The “S” and “U” escape me, although the “U” is a Rem-UMC indicator.

There are others in Shotshell land which have a better Idea…
The use of “No.” before the gauge numbers is indicative of mid. 1800s to early 1900s headstamping.

Regards, Doc AV
AV Ballistics.

It was made by the United States Cartridge Company. The Climax brand name was used by Winchester also. The ‘Made in USA’ indicates it was made after 1926. The Climax brand, as well as all other US Cartridge Co ammunition, was no longer produced after 1938.

When looking at the headstamp, the “U” and the “S” read across the head from left to right (to me at least) as “US” and at first thought, indicates US military maybe?

A little over 20 years ago, a large sporting goods store burned down in my town. This was a very large, very old wooden building full of firearms, ammunition and reloading supplies. The fire was so large and hot that the fire department could do little more than keep everyone at a safe distance and put water on it. One of the firefighters I spoke with who was at the fire commented on how it was “raining” empty cartridge cases from all of the “Cook-offs” in the fire! As the story goes, when the remains of the building were bulldozed, it was all trucked away and dumped somewhere. Some of my neighbors who have lived in this area since before the fire say that the rubble was dumped where my house now stands! Reportedly the fire damaged and destroyed firearms and everything else were in this rubble. I have always doubted this part of the story until yesterday when I found this shotshell piece. By the way, the primer is intact/unstruck. I have been digging in and around my house for 10+ years and found all sorts of odd stuff, but never anything I would have associated with this event. I guess I should dig some more!


Do you have access to a metal detector?

I do, but there is so much metal in my land that it would be like a wild goose chase to find anything good…



First things first. Rent a bulldozer and get rid of that house.;) ;)

Thar’s gold in them thar hills!


AKMS - I think you missed this in the answer above your question. the “US” on the headstamp doesn’t have anything to do with the US military. It is “United States Cartridge Company.” (U.S. Ctg.Co.)