Help ID US NAVY shell and projectile anti aircraft

I have a WWII or WWI complete US NAVY shell and projectile anti aircraft. It is 40" long. On the projectile it says the following: US NAVY SYMBOL WITH ANCHOR ON EACH SIDE., “3 IN.” ., “AA” ., “E” “24MOD7” “51 SK249878”

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Ray, welcome here, could you be so nice to put the text of your message into the thread window (where the images already are) instead of the headline.

There should be markings on the base of the silver colored case. It looks like a recent 3"/70 caliber case.
EDIT- Or maybe the 76mm/62 Oto Malera.


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You can fix the long title and maybe add a base picture. If not, please hit reply and add the headstamp picture. Nice shell! Thanks, Dan

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Ray, welcome to the forum! More info here on the short-lived 3"/70-caliber, which was a joint US/British development:

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Great. Thank you very much. Greatly appreciated.