Help ID


OK, I have no clue. Well, actually, I do have a theory. Anybody?


My first thought was: Champagne bottle cork!

But then I saw the headstamp. Well, those corks usually have a top and/or side print and to me it now is safe to say it must be something else!



Could it be an unfinished draw piece stuck in a cup that hasn’t had any drawing done?


How about a Hob for making a headstamp bunter.


Is it made from brass or steel? If its brass I would think it would be too soft to be used for making bunters.


Phil–Due to what looks like rust in the primer pocket in the second picture, I would guess it is made from steel, but maybe not.


Falcon hit my theory. I’ll check later if it’s brass or steel.


How big is it? Jack


I can give you exact measurements if you need, but the case is a 9x19 Para.


No, that’s close enough for me. The markings that look like a headstamp really are a headstamp then. I could believe it’s a 9 m/m workpiece that’s suffered some kind of indignity. Jack


Looks much like stuffed together draw pieces - as it might have happened in a scrap box or played around with by somebody.

In no case it is related to a hs bunter or so as the writing would be “mirrored” then.


Does it come apart? Any message inside? “Kilroy was here” or “Help! let me out” A Genie, granting cartridge wishes?

Looks to be a brass draw & cup stuck together as my guess/agreement.


EOD–Although it appears that my suggestion that it might possible be a headstamp HOB (NOT a bunter) is not correct, I must correct your statement that the headstamp would be a “Mirror” image. A Hob is what is used to make a bunter and is NOT reversed. The hob, which has the headstamp reading correctly, is pressed into a piece of softened steel to make the reversed bunter which is then hardened and is used to press the headstamp on the cartridge.


I got the item in a batch of stuff that seems to have been shop trash or workshop sweepings from the IMI ammunition factory. I believe that at some point an unfinished case got stuck inside a bullet draw stage. Time and dirt seem to have fused them together.
Rare? Yes.
Valuable and significant? I think not.
It did take a while for me to figure out what it was…assuming my theory is correct. Just in-case, it is available for sale at an ungodly price.;)



I’m game, if you can PM me the ungodly price. The IMI 9mm UZI Carbine load is one of the few readily identifiable “hot/SMG-only” 9mmP loads out there, and as such of great interest to me.