Help identify 32 RF dish base

Can someone help me with this 32 rimfire dish base cartridge?
I would like to know who made it and
approximately what year.
The dish is .035 deep as near as I can measure it.
Thanks again for your help

Can you post the dimensions of the cartridge?

The bullet seems to be a little small for a 32 but may be worn from handling.
Also has a heavy crimp.
rim .372
head .318
neck .317 before crimp
bullet .299
case length .599
OAL .945
Thanks, Bob

Is it possible this is a 297 dish base and not a 32?
I can not find anything about these.
Can someone recommend a good book on rimfire cartridges that may cover dished base cartridges?
Thanks, Bob

No ideas on this one?

Reasonable book on rimfire cartridges:

The Rimfire Cartridge in the United States & Canada
by John L. Barber.

ISBN 0960-4982-6-5

Thanks Sam
I will look for that one.
In the mean time I am going to check and see if I can get one on an iner library loan.
Thanks again