Help Identify a 10mm, 13mm, and a few odd other pinfires

This reminds me of both the carbine-length Dutch cartridge and the 9mm Hërds Turkish cartridges.
Overal Length: 25.37mm
Case Length: 16.10mm
Base Diameter: 11.92mm
Neck Diameter: 11.07mm
Bullet Diameter: 10.28mm
Pin Diameter: 1.98mm

Based on the part of the collection this came from, there should be something significant about this cartridge. This pin is extra small like the American Christian Sharps ones.
Case Length: 24.09mm
Base Diameter: 13.34mm
Neck Diameter: 13.03mm
Pin Diameter: 1.60mm

Very early cap, S 8 84 on the underneath of the bullet. (September, 1884??)
Overal Length: 31.18mm
Case Length: 23.82mm
Base Diameter: 12.00mm
Neck Diameter: 11.35mm
Pin Diameter: 2.03mm

Overal Length: 38.00mm
Case Length: 30.87mm
Base Diameter: 9.45mm
Neck Diameter: 9.21mm
Pin Diameter: 2.03mm

Overal Length: 30.41mm
Case Length: 26.31mm
Base Diameter: 9.50mm
Neck Diameter: 9.48mm
Pin Diameter: 2.01mm

Just bumping this again in case anyone else may have any pointers on these.