Help identify a Submachine gun magzine


Normally I would not post such a question here, but there are some very helpful minds here. Help identify a Submachine gun magazine if you would please. It is steel, has a bit of a triangular shape like a mag for a Vz 23, Vz 25… I can stuff 34 rounds of 9mm luger in it. So it is probably a 32 round mag. Plastic follower. Plastic base plate. I do not need a maker, just what firearm does it go to?



Possibly an aftermarket mag for an Intratec Tec-9. That would be my guess. -Ger


Thanks Geremy.

Never handled a TEC-9, but that matches pictures on the web.

See, I knew someone would know.



Yeah, it looks like the aftermarket Tec-9 magazine that I have.


Thanks for the confirmation.