Help identify a WW1 Shell please


I have been pointed in the direction of your forum in the hope that someone may be able to help me identify a shell I purchased at the weekend.

It is 10.5 cm at the base and the part which the fuse fits into is 6.5 cm. It has a metal plate inside that moves when i tip it up.

I have been told it may be French ? would anyone be able to help please ? also I would like to make a show piece out of it for talks I give in schools so would anyone be able to tell me what type of fuse I would need put on the top please.

Thanks in advance

Kind regards

I do have more photos but I am only allowed to update one as I am a new user.



Welcome to the IAA Forum.

Identifying projectiles in the condition that yours is in can be very challenging. I would suggest that your best chance of getting this projectile identified would be for you to join BOCN (British Ordnance Collectors Network, ). Post your picture of the PROJECTILE section there, along with your text, and I suspect your will get some feedback. Be prepared to provide more measurements and pictures.

Good luck & let us know if you find out something.



It could well be a German “10cm Granate 14” from WW1.

Source: Katthöfer, “Die deutsche Rohrwaffenmunition im 1. Weltkrieg”