Help Identify Ammo


Can anyone identify what this round is for and what vintage it is?
Thank you

here is another picture

Judging by the proportions I would guess it is an 11.15X60Rmm Mauser, AKA 43 Mauser and 11mm Mauser. I can’t see the headstamp, but my guess is late 1800’s

Thank you for the information. Wow did not expect it to be that old. Are these collectible? I apologize for my lack of knowledge in this area, but I bought a bunch of ww2 items that included an ammo and gun parts collection. I wanted the WW2 items, but the package all came together…


For the headstamp of the cartridge you posted pictures of, it appears there are 3 letters/numbers, spaced 120 deg. apart. Can you tell us what these letters/numbers are?

In addition, if you have a metric ruler could you measure the length of the brass cartridge case and tell what the length of the case is in mm’s?



BrianThank you I will post. It appears the letters are G E L. It appears 7.6 cm overall length with the brass case at 6 cm. Thanks

here is a piture

one more


Thanks for the pictures and the measurement

It would appear that MRT’s guess is correct with the cartridge case length confirmed at 60mm, this equals the case length for the 11 Mauser, proper designation is 11.15 x 60mmR Mauser. The “R” indicates a rimmed cartridge case. Your cartridge was probably paper patched but the exposed paper for the patch has been lost over time. An example of an 11mm Mauser cartridge with a paper patch is pictured in the link listed below.

GEL = Georg Egestorff, Linden, see earlier discussion here on the forum: Unknown M71

Hope this helps.


Thank you for the assistance.
Does this type of cartridge have much collector interest?

With the round nose bullet and no re-loading stamps I could see that would be the earlier M-71 Mauser.
A 2¢ opinion of value would be $5-7 as opposed to the M-71/82 of $1-2 if in good condition, missing the paper patch $2-3

Thank you for the help…