Help identify and value

I have a handful of .30 Army cases that have been cut down (factory?) And loaded with various size shot. Headstamp id’s vary from SA Corp to super speed etc. They measure from 44 mm some slightly shorter. Shot is 6, 7 1/2, 8 and 12

With a variety of headstamps shot size they are likely home made reloads for use in hunting small game or shooting snakes. I recall mention of similar loads in the 1950s-60s, especially in the then plentiful and cheap .455 caliber revolvers with the rear of he cylinders trimmed for use with half moon clips. I think they could also be used with loads like you mention, but perhaps it was another specific caliber.
In my opinion value would be minimal with limited collector interest.

Home-made for Marble’s .44cal.
Could fire both shotshells and .44 Short( .44S&W).
In 1934 NFA put on Register, as it was a Pistol with a smooth barrel, and removable shoulder stock.
Now on the C&R exempt list.

As to value: Zilch! If you can find a GameGetter, good luck!!!
Doc AV

I do have a fair condition marbles game getter but was not quite sure. Do the .44 xl cartridges go with it too?

Probably, as the chamber was
for .410 - 2" paper case Shotshells.
…look-up an old 1920s advert for Marble’s GG.
Doc AV.

Thank you for the help