Help identify RWS rimfire

These 2 RWS rimfires came to me from 2 different sources one identified as 9.5 Swiss and the other as 380 RF but they are almost identical except the bullet.
What do I have?
both have a knurled crimp
--------------------------------------right -------------------------- left
bullet--------------------------- 2 knurled grooves----------- smooth, no grooves
bullet at case mouth--------- .370 ---------------------------.372
case at mouth----------------- .375----------------------------.376
case at head------------------- .378 ---------------------------.375
rim-------------------------------- .432----------------------------.434
case length--------------------- .700----------------------------.700
weight----------------------------161.7gr------------------------ 161.8gr
Are these both 9.5 Swiss?
Thanks, Bob

I doubt RWS ever produced 9.5 Swiss! Thun factory and Stahel made 9.5, probably no one else! So your answer is 380.

Hi Bob, JF is correct, they are both variants of the .380 kurz (.380 Short). This German variant can be confusing because it is longer than the British .380 and shorter than the .38 Short.

From c. 1929 catalog:



Hi jeffcy69 and Fede
Thank you both for the help with this. Also can you tell me if 9.5 Swiss from Thun or Stahel would be head stamped or just plain?
Thanks again

Some of the 9,5 From Thun, copper cases, have a small raised T. The Stahel have their commun hst St.