Help identify these tapered rounds

Cant figure out what these are. No markings whatsoever.

Civil War Burnside carbine cartridges. Ignition is by separate percussion cap placed on nipple on the breech of the gun, with the flash passing down into the breech and entering the small flash hole in the base of the cartridge.
The large belled portion serves to help seal the joint where the hinged breechblock meets the end of the barrel.
Modern replicas are made for shooting use by North_South Skirmish Association members.
The inventor, Ambrose E. Burnside was a mediocre General in the Civil War and went on to be elected Governor of Rhode Island, and was an early President of the National Rifle Association.

amazing. thank you. Any value?

I usually see them selling for at least $25 sometimes as high as
$40-45 to people who collect Civil War guns and want one to display
with them. “Cartridge collectors” may sell them for a bit less.
You can sell on, but remember, these have to ship by
UPS ground, NOT POST OFFICE, and that will run about $18 minimum.
John SPangler

thank you for your help!