Help identify this M1 Carbine ammo (+follow up question)


Hi, I got a bunch of this ammo with headstamp dates ranging from the late 50’s to the early 60’s. Anyone know where its from?
Dominican Republic?



Welcome to the Forum. I think you are correct with the headstamp ID. The IAA headstamp guide indicates Armería F. A. San Cristóbal, San Cristóbal, Dominican Republic.



Well, my first answer disappeared. No matter - Dave answered the basic question more completely than did I.

I am rewriting this because you said you had a “bunch” of this ammo. I can only give you my opinion. Do not fire it. When this ammunition came out, our store put some of it in. Almost immediately, we had problems with misfires and hangfires, as well as jamming. Within a few days, one case blew out and blow the right locking lug of of the customer’s carbine bolt. We withdrew all the ammo from sale and had it all destroyed.

You can take my word on it or not. I would be remiss if I did not mention this, though.

John Moss


Didn’t this ammo also wreck carbines as it was so corrosive?


The M1 Carbine is one of the few weapons I can think of that should never be fired with corrosive ammunition. Proper cleaning techniques make the firing of corrosive ammunition perfectly viable in most firearms, although perhaps a chore in cleaning them. It can be done with no damage to the firearm. However, the captive piston of the M1 family of carbines (M2, M3) cannot be effectively cleaned, and will result in a rusted, ruined gas chamber behind the piston, even if the bore is cleaned to perfection. The piston is staked in, and breaking it free with the piston wrench should only be done if necessary to replace it. It cannot be successfully removed, restaked, removed, restaked time and time again.

That is the least of the problems with this Dominacan ammunition though.

John Moss


Thanks for the info guys, I’ll be carefull with this ammo.

Now a follow up question, mixed in with the same bunch of .30 carbine there is some with no makers mark on the head stamp, any idea where this could have come from?

The dates are in the same range, but its dimensionally different so its possible its not Dominican.

Only has 30 M1 and the year

The space at the base is visibly pronounced (compared to the RD cartridge)


Hi John, The newer headstamp is from the Dominican Republic also. The R D was used from 1954-59, and these, (30 M1 60), from 1959-62.