Help identifying 10,4x47R

Hello everyone

I have a 10.4 x 47R with headstamp GEVELOT VETTERLI 41 VITALE that i am trying to identify.

What does 41 mean?, Caliber in inches or the year of manufacture?

Any information will be appreciated.


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Hola, Argentina!
El numero " .41" es el calibro Ingles( americano) del cartucho Vetterli-Vitale
Muy interessante…fabricado para Gevelot ( marca de
SFM Francia) en el primo '900.
¿la bala es camiciado?
Bala plomo es ante 1899 y cargado de polvora negra;
Bala camiciado de cupronichelio o CuZn, esta modelo 1899, com carga de nitrocellulosa ( ballistite).

Saludos de L’ australia
Prospero ano nuevo
Doc AV

So it is post 1899 because the projectile is clad, but no easy way to tell year of production?

Hola Sergio,

This cartridge came from a collection purchased years ago by our club, along with several more examples that had odd looking headstamps. All of them bear handmade markings and/or authentic headstamps with added characters. We kept some for our reference collection, like two .303 British marked only “GEVELOT” and “SFM” at 12 o’clock, and a .43 Spanish Remington marked S.F.M43 GG SP ☆ (only 43 SP was added).

I must point out that they were created as fantasy cartridges, not fakes.

Un abrazo grande,


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Muchas Gracias, Fede.
Prospero Ano Nuevo.

Doc AV

Thanks sksvlad

DocAV4901, muchas gracias y feliz año nuevo para ti también

Excellent data Fede. It’s true the cartridge comes from our club

Espero encontrarnos algún viernes en la sede,

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