Help Identifying 18 pounder ammunition


I received this artiiary shell from an old friend who has since passed away. I love world war history and I’m interested in finding out more about it I have checked out many sites and pictures and believe it is an 18mm shrapnel shell possibly used in the boar war. The info that is stamped on it is as follows from top to bottom:
Q.F. 18PR
C.B.F. Co

Was it used in WWI or WWII?
Who was it used by?
Any info would be great here are some picture thx


There might be a small missunderstanding. The “18” here is the nominal projectile weight in pound.
The caliber of the projectile should be 84mm. This on here is a typical British design.
Your’s seems to having been made in 1916.

Are there any markings on what appears to be the fuze? Or is it a dummy fuze? Does it unscrew?



Shell with tip removed


This is the base of the tip after I removed it.


I was able to unscrew the tip it has a hole in the very tip and the bottom of the shell as you can see from the pics. It does not have a fuse maybe a dummy tip on it?
Thanks for clarifying and all the info.


Is there a hole in the base of the projectile?


Yes the same size hole as in the tip


It seems your item here was once uses as a lamp and the holes were for the cable. This would also explain the unusual fuze which is likely a later made item to optically complete it and qualify for a lamp.
Such modifications are not unusual and were popular in particular after WW1.


Thanks for your help so would the tip(fuse) have been different ( obviously there would be no hole) or is that a standard practice tip maybe ( just guessing). Do you have any pics of what this would have had for a fuse? This is how it was given to a friend never had any lamp parts, Not sure it would have sat very straight with a cord out the bottom hole but interesting nonetheless.


One more question I have is once I removed the tip and the center of the projectile is wide open would this have been where the smaller projectiles would have been or would they be in the wall of the larger projectile? Was recently at vimy and saw a similar piece of artillery and peaked my interest on this piece again but was not sure if they were the same. Here is a pic of it. Thx again for all your help.


The lamp would hve had a wooden base piece below the proj. There all the cable would have been routed through with the needed cut outs.
Such lamps often were then again “converted back” by people who liked ammo more than lamps.

The fuze should have been an impact fuze as your projectile here seems to be a HE version and no Shrapnel.

Will look up some images of this one and post them if I’ll find them.


Interesting! Great I would love to see some pics. I edited my post prior to your previous post. I posted a pic not sure they are the same.


The used impact fuze would be the No101. The brass nose piece you have there is something that was made later to make it into a lamp.


Could well be a 18pdr but that there seems to be a Shrapnel whicl you have a HE it seems.


Here a complete one:


Here a very bad quality diagram. All I could find right now:



I can add that It was manufactured by Canadian Buffalo Forge Co., Berlin, Ontario.




Thanks Fede, I wondered already if this one was made in North America.


Very cool to know as I grew up in Kitchener Ontario, which back then was called Berlin Ontario. Thx Fede