Help identifying 7.62x39

I’m sure this has been asked before, but trying to get info on characteristics of cartridge, specifically corrosive or not. Got a bout 500 rounds with the purchase of an sks.

I know this is from Lugansk Cartridge Works in Ukraine. Head stamp top ЛПЗ, head stamp bottom: 7.62x39. Lacquer/sealant appears reddish purple. Green, steel cased, full metal jacket.

Any information would be appreciated.


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Some of these exact cartridges are reported to have corrosive primers in spite of the fact that they are labeled non-corrosive. IIRC, known corrosive lot numbers are 58s and 59s.

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I have no idea what lot numbers are. These came without original packaging. I believe they are post 2008, That’s about all I know for certain.


…and pre 2014.

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A bullet weighing 8 grams / 123 grains, the initial speed of a bullet from the SCS should be 700-720 meters per second, in this form this cartridge was made in 2008-2012

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