Help identifying a 9x19



I need some help identifying the manufacturer of this round please? I showed it to a friend but the headstamp is small and she found it somewhat difficult to see the characters clearly. The picture isn’t much better (sorry).


The top appears to be the letters n r th
Bottom right 27 or 37
Bottom left 58

Here it is with the colour inverted, which possibly makes it a little easier to see the top.


Any ideas?


This one is Egyptian in origin, correct?


Factory #27 (Shoubra Company for Engineering Industries) out of 1975 if I am not mistaken.


Thanks EOD - yes, you are correct, it is 1975. Any idea what the text at the top actually reads?


ARE - Arab Republic of Egypt. I can’t recall the year they dropped the UAR, United Arab Republic.


Thanks Jonny.