Help identifying a batch a 7.6x54 arabic cases?


Hi Guys,

I was given a large batch of 7.62x51 cases that were sourced from some guys in the Australian SAS. In this batch were about 40 cases that I cannot identify and I need help. I think these guys brought this ammo home from Afghanistan but I am not sure.

They appear very similar to the 7.62x51 in terms of overall ratios and appearance but a bit bigger. The details I have are:

Case is a rimless bottlenecked design
Cases are de-primed and have a dual flash hole with centre pin
Calibre appears to be 7.62 (the empties measure about 7.7)
Case is 54mm long
Rim Diameter is 0.408"
Neck outside diameter is 0.341"
Base diameter is 0.482"

The headstamp is a dooser - it is almost completly in what looks like arabic script (although the letters OV do appear. The darned thing has defeated every attempt to photograph it I can come up with.

So, any ideas what this case might be? A search of the databases suggests only one case with these dimensions - a 7.65mm x 53.5 Marga. Any idea why this cartridge would be being produced for military applications by a middle eastern country?




It’s 7,5x54 MAS from Egypt


Aaaah - that looks a bit more like it. I’d still like to figure out why it has an Arabic headstamp on it though…


If they are 7.5 x 54mm MAS with an arabic headstamp they will almost certainly be from Syria or made for Syria.

AFAIK Egypt did not use this calibre and I don’t think they made it either.



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You are right, I just checked my collection.
Defence Industr. Syndicate, Syria.



Here is 7,5x54 from Syria:

Here is 8x57 Mauser from Egypt:


Aaaah the power of the internet - they are definately the Syrian cases. Thanks very much guys.



The “leters” ov are not letters at all, but rather numbers. They represent “57” which by this time, was the Julian (Western) calender date (1957), I think. Coincidentally, the other marking V,O represents the caliber, “7.5”, on the headstamp. From the beautiful pictures of the mint specimens of Egyptian 8mm Mauser and Syrian 7.5 French, I would say that both rounds were made in Egypt. Just a guess. I don’t collect the 7.5, but I do the 7.9 x 57 (8mm Mauser), and have lots of Egyptian ones.


The headstamp of the 7.5 x 54 MAS cartridge is translated as follows: the Arabic at the 12:00 says “SURIA” (Syria); 9:00 is the number “57” (year); 3:00 is number “7.5” (caliber) and at 6:00 “M.M.D.” which is Munasat Maamal al Dafah’ (Defence Industries Syndicate) in Damascus, Syria. The first year of production was 1956.

The 8 x 57 Mauser headstamp: 12:00 “Misr” (Arabic for Egypt 6:00 is (57) year.