Help Identifying a cartridge FNM 66-13

Hi there,

I found a cartridge mixed in with my 303 British surplus that I just bought that is NOT 303

It is marked FNM (so Portugal or Mexico) and 66-13
So I am thinking 1966 lot 13?
It is milsup FMJ oh and bullet is magnetic but NOT casing…

I am not sure if this is .308 or 8mm or what…

Can anyone help me identify please?



That headstamp is definitely Portuguese.

Made at Fábrica Nacional de Munições de Armas Ligeiras, Chelas, Portugal.

Lot No. 13 of 1966 (lot 13 of whatever calibre it is).

What is the case length in mm? This will give more of a clue as to whether it is .308, 8mm or something else.

You haven’t provided enough information to identify this cartridge positively but my guess would be 7.62mm NATO. If you have a caselength of 51mm then it will be one of these…

The FNM factory who made these cartridges was located in Moscavide, municipality of Loiras. The small arms ammunition manufacturing facilities moved from Chelas to Moscavide in 1953-54.

Jim, the one you are showing is too late to be a m/963 cartridge. This is a contract for Germany designated “Patrone, 7,62 mm x 51, DM 41, Weichkern”.

Thank you Fede, I’m glad I posted it!