Help identifying a wildcat

I have a 240 Weatherby case shortened to 2.120" and loaded with a .375 bullet that I can’t find in any of my books Can anyone identify it for me?
Thanks Bob

Hi Bob
Not to rain on your parade or to be a wise-a*s, but these are probably 10 wildcats that might fit that description. That it was made on a & I assume you mean .340 Weatherby, means nothing other than that was what the maker had on hand. At least that’s my guess without further information.

A local barrel maker in town has a list of chamber reamers of something like 26,000 different available to him.

A photo to see shoulder shape & neck placement plus some written dimensions, rim, head, shoulder, mouth & etc. might be of help in answering your question

Thanks for your reply.
I don’t have a very good camra and I am worse at getting photos on the computer.
I will try to get my son to help with that.
For now I can give some measurements
Rim .470
Head .452
Shoulder .437
Neck .405
Bullet .375
Base to center of shoulder 1.610
Case length 2.012
OAL 2.754
The case is headstamped “Weatherby 240 WBY MAG” not 340 Weatherby.
Thanks Again ,Bob

Hi Bob,
I have a .375 Bruin, that matches all but the case length. Which is 2.020.
What bullet is in yours? Mine has a white ballistic tip.

Could it be a reform for the .400/.375? I don’t have the numbers here in front of me, but it sounds familiar.


Thank to everyone for their help.
I think Dan has identified it
In my first post I entered the case length in error and i will edit that mistake.
The correct case lenght, on my cartridge is 2.012 very close to Dans 2.020 and the bullet is a white ballistic tip.
Can you tell me anymore about the 375 Bruin?
Thanks again

Just that it came from Ed Reynolds in 2012. You may want to ask him.


Glad you have identified it, Somehow I couldn’t visualize the .375 bullet in a ,240 case, silly me. Should have listened to my own advise.

I did not have a .240 Weatherby to start with. I looked in Hogg for the body, .240 HH was close, and the .350 Rem Mag was close for lenght. Here’s a pic of the .375 Bruin with a HOLLAND dot240



Hello Dan
The 375 Bruin you have is an exact match to the cartridge I have.
Thanks for the help identifying it.
Also thanks to all of the other people on this site and at SLICS who have helped me.