HELP Identifying Ammo Box found at Gun Show

Found this awesome old ammo box at a gun show today for 30 bucks and would love some help with what it says and the time period. Thanks in advance!

Looks like 900 rounds of Yugoslav M49 7.92x57 ammo, sent to Syria via Beirut, in 1953.

Jon, the box says “BARUT” (propellant) and “SERIA” (lot).
You missread something?

Yugo made boxes were also marked in Roman script (" Serbo-Croat). So Barut means Powder, and is pronounced the sa me in
Slovenian and Croatian, as in Serbian- Macedonian- Bosnian and
Montenegrin, which use the Cyrillic South-Slav script.
I have Yugo cases for PPYU .303 British Ammo with Stamps indicating “Rifle, MG, & LMG Bren”, in both Cyrillic and Roman script.
LMG Bren is Pushka- Mitraillez ‘Bren’ in Croatian-Slovenian.
Doc AV

Sorry, the vodka told me I was fluent in Serbo-Croatian…what do I know. My brain go locked on those two words and led me on a flight of fantasy. I blame Trump and Corona (not the beer).

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ДАТА 13 > DATA 13 = Data 13.

The label reads…
7,9 метак М.49 са тешким зрном > 7,9 metak M.49 sa teškim zrnom = “7.9mm Cartridge with M49 Heavy Bullet”
900 Комада (Ком.) > 900 Komada (Kom.) = “900 Pieces (Pcs.)” (60 x 15 round cartons)
БАРУТ нц “ПЈ” > BARUT nc “PJ” = Propellant nitrocellulose “PJ”
СЕРИЈА (СЕР.) 5/53 > SERIJA (SER.) 5/53 = [Powder] Batch 5/1953.

ИСПИТ ВРШИО М.Б. > ISPIT VRŠIO M.B. = “Testing Conducted by M.B.”
СТАБИЛАН: АНАЛИЗЕ БР. 4 > STABILAN ANALIZE BR. 4 = “Stable: Analysis No.4”
ДАТУМ АНАЛИЗЕ: 22 ЈУНИ 1953 года (г.) > DATUM ANALIZE: 22 JUNI 1953 goda (g.) = “Date Analyzed: 22 June 1953 year (yr.)”
ПАКОВАО > PAKOVAO = “Packed” (signed by the packer)

МБ (MB) Milan Blagojevic namenska (“Milan Blajojevic memorial [plant]"), Lucani, Moravica, Yugoslavia (now Serbia).

I think the ammo was made earlier and the case information and attached label indicate that it was pulled as a sample lot and tested in June of 1953.

I think not as the propellant was tested before it was loaded.
So far there was no indicatuion that cartridges were pulled down and then lengthy data about analyses got added.
As you see the propellant lot is from the same year.