Help Identifying Antique Cartridge


I would very much appreciate any help I can get identifying an antique cartridge I have run across. It is approximately the size of a 45-70 but I have never seen one like it. It has no headstamp whatever. Below are links to some photos.

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Dave, looks like a Philippine made cartridge. Can you post some dimensions? (rim, head, case lenght, neck diameter, bullet diameter, total lenght, etc.)


I don’t have the proper equipment to accurately measure the case but using a ruler the case is 2 1/4" long, the Rim is 5/8" in diameter and the bullet appears to be 45 caliber.

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Could be a Philippine made .43 Spanish.


Dave, it was made for a .43 Spanish Remington rifle during the Philippine–American War (1899-1902).


Many thanks to everyone for their help!