Help Identifying Ctg

I have a centerfire cartridge that I can’t identify.
The bullet has a ridge at the base almost like it’s heeled.
The bullet is non-magnetic.
The base has a slight convex to it.

HS = ZG C (not sure about the G)
Bullet Dia. = .417"
Bullet Dia. @ Ridge = .438"
Rim Dia. = .515"
Base Dia. = .460"
Case Len. = 0.75"
O/A Len. = 1.184"

There are 3 point stakes around the base of the bullet.
Any help?


10.4mm Italian Ordinance Revolver?

Your numbers are close to the comericial (headstamped “Fiocchi Ord. Ital.”) version that I have.

I agree. the bullet and the base are very distinctive. I believe it is a 10.4 Italian Ordnance Revolver round, but with no headstamp, can’t identify the maker other than it is certainly Italian.

Yes,it is an italian ordnance,
Actually there is a very slight headstamp leftover:
looks: Z ? C ?
If there is a “C” plus date it is from Pirotecnico di Capua.The 2 letters at 12 o’clock are the first letters of the government technician
Your cartridge is military and it is the second model.The first one has a longer case with a lead bullet

Other headstamps:
B plus date: pirotecnico di Bologna
T plus date:pirotecnico di Torino

Z G stands for “Zangari Gaetano” who had worked at the pirotecnico di Capua from 1936 to 1938


The headstamp looks like ZG C. There is no date.
So they put the actual technician’s initials on it, not an arsenal code? Like inspector’s stamps on military firearms? That’s very interesting.
What is the actual profile of the bullet? Does that ring around the top of the case make it a heeled bullet?
I need to get some better reference material. All I have is “Cartridges of the World” and some reloading manuals.


The two digit date had been certainly erased.
You can see some pictures of my and other’s guys samples here:

Pdrice - there is an Arsenal Code on this headstamp and others like it. It is the “C” which stands for “Capua” where there was a large ammunition factory (Pirotecnia di Capua). I think I can see a “dash” after the “C” and from that and the position of the “C” it probably had a date of 36, 37, or 38, that is missing from the poor bunter strike this cartridge seems to have received. The Headstamp was probably “Z G C-3?” with the question mark representing one of the three years that Zangari was the head inspector at Capua. This is a common Italian headstamp style from the military factories. By the way, in the English custom, his name was "“Gaetano Zangari.” It is common in Italy to use the last name first, even with initials.

If you click on the link you will see some examples of Capua headstamps and others

Take a look here too…

[quote=“Pivi”]The two digit date had been certainly erased.
You can see some pictures of my and other’s guys samples here:[/quote]

Thanks Pivi. There’s some good information there - if only I spoke Italian:) I had Google translate it and it came out about 50%. Sort of like dinner with my wife’s family - half English, half Polish.

I checked my list and apparently I have a 10.4 Blank in my collection I’ll have to compare.