Help Identifying Some 7.62x39, 45ACP & 9mmmP Rounds

Digging through some stuff I have had for some time, I found the following rounds.

The 7.62x39mm rounds are Czech. I think the purple tip ball round is a reference or standard round since identical rounds were used on the S&B factory range. It is headstamped ZV 67 and has a black primer. The other round with the strange bullet has the bxn headstamp illustrated. Can someone confirm what these rounds actually are.

I suspect the 9mmP & 45ACP are US made inspite of the S&B headstamp on the 45. I made a mistake on the 9mm and did not include the headstamp in the image. The case is nickel plated and the headstamp is “R-P 9 mm LUGER” in relatively small letters. I suspect these were by a small speciality loader, perhaps some Exploder type load. If I ever knew who made them, these rounds got seperated form the identifying information. Any help appreciated.


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Lew, your 7.62x39 are:

HPT Barrel proof

Ballistic standard / reference

the 7.62 on the right is a 7.62x45 not 39

EOD & Ammo Gun,
Thanks! I didn’t look at them very well did I. many thanks!


please measure the case lenght on that 7,62+45??? I think that might be a Nato round I have the
same round only in brass with a nice black primer but the bullet is ball the stamp says ZV 7,62 69
so it might be 7.62+ 51mm Nato in a steel case

Sherryl, it is a 45mm case. (embarrassingly I did nor pay attention to that from the beginning…)

Czechoslovakia is not known to ever have made any steel cases in 7.62x51 btw. - if so it would be a real sensation.

Are you certain of the head stamp on that 7.62+45? I Have 3 of those suckers 2 steel cases one with
a brass primer the other one with a lilac primer one nickel bullet one copper bullet but both carry the
stamp BXN 53 1 then there is a brass case wich they say is scarce copper bullet lilac primer and
BXN 52 2 and a star.I find somehow the stamp on the cartridge posted out of line??Of course
if the round was measured than the matter is settled.

To what we know the 7.62x45 was never made outside Czechoslovakia. So the one shown there must be one from there.

The 7.62x51 we can exclude.

The short bullet profile is also a dead giveaway.