Help identifying these rounds

First is the 3 on the left, 2 are marked Western 30 USA, and one of them is marked F 3 99. The other one came in the box pictured, there are 3 rounds and 3 stripper clips in the box. The bullets are marked SMI 939. Im just curious what these bullets are exactly. thanks

.30-40 USA (Springfield Krag) on the left and 7.35 Italian Carcano on the right. The .30-40 marked F 3 99 was made at the Frankford Arsenal in March of 1899.

The first 3 are 30-40 krags. As noted 2 of them are Western commercial rounds the other is government issue 30-40 from Frankford arsenal built March 1899.

What do the stripper clips look like, any chance of pics of those (Front and Back)

About the 7,35 mm Carcano and its variations … 51-carcano

As far I can see in the picture above,the stripper clips in the box are standard Carcano steel clips

The packet held 18 rounds and the standard 6-round carcano clip was used for both 6.5 and 7.35mm. This is not really a “stripper clip” which I relate to a charger. If the rounds are stripped out of the clip into the gun then it is a stripper clip or charger, if it is an en-bloc clip which goes into the magazine and becomes a functional part of the gun mechanism then it is a clip, not a stripper clip or a charger.

Sorry if I am being pedantic.


You are absolutely not being pedantic, Dave!

After all, one has to maintain standards.



Give us a full frontal shot of the headstamps on the two “commercial” cartridges. I think they may be something other than a plain vanilla commercial 30-40.


Here is a picture of the Clips and the headstamp of the commercial 30-40. I also added a picture of some shotgun shellr, I was curious if they are military related?

The clips are standard Carcano steel ones that can be used with the 6,5 x 52 or with the 7,35 x 51 cartridges