HELP identiying- newbie :)


I bought an artillery shell casing because i wanted to and i didn’t know what it was. Is there anyone who can help me find out what it is. here are soem details.
Made from Brass
It is rimmed
I believe due to the GD written all over it, that is the company.
It has PRAC written on it
There is yellow writing along the side of the shell stating "CFFE BP 12 95"
There is a sybol on the bottom with OOO looking thing all connected
It is 4.5 inches in diamter at the top.

There are more numbers on it which i believe are just ID numbers but am not sure. If anyone would help me I’d greatly appreciate it as it intruiges me to know. Thankyou. Email adress: if you need other information if you are willing to help me.


Arti’s are fun
Get in inside measurement of the case mouth in MM, along with the case length in MM (inches x 25.4 = mm).
Than take a look at the data tables on Tony Williams excelant website
The standard format is projectile diameter, case length, designator (in your case it’s “R” for Rimmed) The rest of the markings are manufacture and loading information.

4.5" is 114mm, and assuming that is a inside neck measurement there are 3 rimmed 114mm shells listed in Tony’s data tables


Im going to hazard a guess based on the limited information you have here that it is a British 4.5in Naval Prac cart case filled at RO Glascoed and certified free from explosive at Bull Point ( plymouth) in Dec 95

These are QF fixed shells for the Mk8 guns so should have the charecteristic mouth a photo would help though. Normally brass such as this is recycled and reused but some always escapes to make umbrella stands and ashtrays!



thanks a lot guys. how it is possible you know all this is beyond me. :D