Help ID'ing rimfire cartridge

I have an old copper rimfire cartridge from a friend who’s grandfather was in the span-am war, it was with several of the same cartridges in a civil war era belt mounted copper round hinged (kittredge?) box. It’s measurements don’t seem to fit within the normal .44 rimfire cartridges, the diameter is slightly smaller and length different. There is no headstamp:


head: .506
base: .440
neck: .440
length of case: .960
length of cartridge: 1.5"
Bullet diameter: .437
rim thickness .05

two exposed lube grooves, slightly pointed ogive bullet
rimfire, no headstamp, copper case.

Is this a spanish or european rimfire cartridge of 43 cal?

Any help appreciated.


sounds very much like a 44 long.

Yep, just measured one of my 44 Longs,…nearly identical to yours

head: .512
base: .439
neck: .439
length of case: .959
length of cartridge: 1.527
Bullet diameter: .437
rim thickness .057

larger version:

Great, thanks very much! Apparently cartridges of the world’s dimensions are quite off with respect to the .44 long, it showed the head at .512 and length 1.08 (case) and bullet .454 or so, that solves it!


Copper rimfire case lengths are all over the place depending who made it and what period.


The semi-circular copper cartridge containers marked Kittridge are believed to be Civil War era (not Spanish American) and are associated with Henry rifles which used a .44 rimfire cartridge.

Last price I heard on one of the Kittridge “boxes” was around $1,000!

You may have a treasure.