Help IDing this rimfire

The unknown is the one in the middle. To the left is a .32short and to the right is a 9mm Sharps.
Here is a larger version of the picture:

Picture of the bottom. No H/S as you can see.
Larger version:

My measurements with probably not the most accurate, $10, digital micrometer.
Rim Diameter: 0.3975
Base Diameter: 0.3375
Neck Diameter: 0.3365
Case Length: 0.60055
Cartridge Length: 1.0065

It seems to be closest to a 340 Eley so that would be my guess.

It is also close to a 7.5mm Swiss and the 35 Allen, although the Allen seems to be bit longer.

What do you guys think?

ECRA data, with those numbers(converted to mm), shows a .320 Short RF. The pic of their example is nearly the same. No h/s.