Help in identification please!

These little shells were in the batch I mentioned before and I have no idea what they are, exactly. 5mm, 7mm, 9mm? The metal one has a flameing bomb with S.U.R. on the head and some have a W. All are RF. I’ll take them to SLICS to share with others but I’d like to know what they are so I can put a price on them.

They are Flobert shot loads.
There are basically two shot loads for these shells the “single” and “double” load. The single ones have shorter cases.

Measure the base to see what is the caliber, 6 mm , 7 mm or 9 mm. Judging from the scale on the right I think they are 6 mm

The all metal one, if it is 8mm, appears to be for the Remington model 310 skeet gun. There is most likely a clear TW that you can see the shot through. This was a sort of an indoor skeet gun and didnot go over well.

Pivi–They are all 9mm Flobert Shot. He said some of them had “W” (for Winchester) headstamps. Winchester only loaded 9mm, no 6mm, so, since they are all the same size in the picture, they are all 9mm loads.

Rookie–The silver one is a Fiocchi 9mm, not a .310. The .310 had a CBC headstamp from Brazil. Fioccho never made .310’s. Plus, the .310 is a straight sided case, not the bottle-necked style seen here.

The all metal one appears to be a Fiocchi load. The flaming bomb was used by this factory. SUR stands for “Sine Ulla Rosione” , a latin expression that means “without corrosion”. So the cartridge has a no corrosive priming mixture or powder.

Ron, I wrote "6 mm " because the “centimeter space” on the scale appears to be larger than the heads of Shotmeister’s samples, but they surely look like 9 mm, as you wrote above.

Thanks everyone! I came in tonight and looked at them again and saw something different on one. Under a glass was “9mm” so I guess I should have paid closer attention to detail.


The"punt gun" shell is a 410 2 1/2", the 2 next to it are a single and double 9mm, along with a couple of the smaller Floberts

According to me, there are single, double and triple shot 9mmRF’s, with the lengths as follows:
Single 1.15"
Double 1.43" to 1.57" (3 samples)
Triple 2.075"

Poor photo, but a 8mm Centerfire shotgun (silver), 9mm rimfire shotgun (brass) and a 38 spl for compairison