Help in identifying please


I have been searching for the raufoss stamp, but all it comes up with is the obvious 50cal round…


This is still the same Raufoss of Norway which is part of NAMMO.


Is Raufoss a factory? Is this a rare item?


Raufoss is a manufacturer,Raufoss Ammunisjons Fabrikker,Norway,est 1896 as a match making factory(the ones used for lighting fires not for going on dates with) after a couple of fires in the factory and with friction(pun intended) with Sweden the factory was re fitted to manufacture ordnance.
Now known as,since 1998, Nammo.(short for Nordic ammunition company) who now have subsidiaries in Finland,Germany,Sweden,Switzerland,Spain,Australia,Canada and the U.S.A.
Sorry I don’t know your item or if it’s rare as I’m a military SAA collector but no doubt someone on here will do.




Strictly speaking Raufoss is a small town - from wiki:

Raufoss is the municipal centre of Vestre Toten, a municipality in the county of Oppland, Norway, 10 kilometers south of the larger town Gjøvik. It has approximately 7,000 inhabitants. The largest employer is what was earlier Raufoss Ammunisjonsfabrikker, now split into several sub companies. These include Nammo, Hydro Aluminium and Raufoss Technology.

If you would like your case identified, it would be helpful to provide exact dimensions: the diameter of the rim (the widest part), the overall length; and the diameter of the inside of the mouth. The first of these is essential, the other two may be affected by the common practice of cutting large cases short to make them more useful for something else.

You’ll find a list of case dimensions here:
If you can’t find your case there, it could be unusual.


At the St. Louis international Cartridge Show (SLICS) last night, one of the seminars was an outstanding presentation by a Norwegian member on the history of Norwegian ammunition production, which Raufoss was the central player. Although it was focused on small arms Ammunition, the information would apply to larger calibers as well.

Just one more reason for people to attend SLICS. Plan now to attend next year!


Thanks, JohnS :-)

This case is certainly made by Raufoss Ammunisjonsfabrikker, situated in the small city of Raufoss in Norway. Founded in 1896 as Rødfos Patronfabrik (Rødfos cartridge factory, headstamp code R.P.) and later, in 1925, Raufoss Ammunisjonsfabrikker (Raufoss ammunition factories, headstamp code R.A.), it is since 1998 a part of Nammo and operates under the name Nammo Raufoss.



The rim is 100mm and the mouth 90mm. The lenght is 200mm and 310mm circumference. I cannot see evidence that it has been cut, the mouth edges seem intact and no tool marks. @Tony.Williams


If it hasn’t been cut then I don’t know what it is.


Could you post a photo showing the rim from the side of the case?

The rim profile may help with identification.


Will do




By the rim I meant a side view of the base of the case. Apologies if I wasn’t clear on that.

Here is an example of the view that may help.



My bad




Looking at Hawkinson’s Big Bore Ammunition he does not list any 90mm cases with a case length of 200mm.

For Norway the closest Hawkinson comes is a 91mm x 248mm (rim diameter of 108mm) M-26, whale harpoon gun.

If not that then the case has possibly been cut down or is not listed.

There are two Norwegian tank round casings listed for 90mm: 90 x 350mm (rim diameter = 100mm) date of use unknown and 90 x 600mm (rim diameter = 130mm).



Thanks for the photos.

I also couldn’t find anything in Robert Hawkinson’s list close to it.

Where in the world are you, and where was the case found? This may provide some more clues.

I have posted a link to this thread on BOCN.


I am from South Africa and I found it in my dads garage. He used to sotk for armscor, noe called Denel. This was amongst a ton of other ordinance from all over the world and time periods.


Thanks for the reply.

Could you post some photos of the rest of the collection? I’m sure quite a few of the forum members would be interested in seeing it.