Help in identifying World War 2 object

Hi I have found many different military objects in a wood behind my house which was used for military training during

world war 2. I have managed to identify them all except these pieces of shrapnel . Could any one please ID them for me.
Kind regards Danny.

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They are tails from No. 68 Anti-tank grenades. Which was the world’s first HEAT grenade. Fired from a 2.5" discharger cup fitted to a .303" rifle.


Many thanks for your quick reply to my topic. I have now looked up a No 68 Anti -tank grenade and it is a very interesting world war 2 item .Here are some of the other objects I found whilst metal detecting at the same location. Are the small pieces of shrapnel on the right from a mills grenade or a mortar?

. Regards Danny.


Without close examination hard to tell, however not from the main body of the “2 mortar, which was thin walled steel tube.
The threaded item on the bottom row, to the left of the ‘buckle’ appears to be a No.151 fuze for a 2” mortar.

Can you make something of the headstamps of the -presumable-.303 British leftover cases?