Help Indentifying Arabic box and hstp 9x19

Need help by indentifying this Arabic box full with 9x19 cartridges

My Question is who made these and from with Country are they??
And what is on the box written.

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My books say that this is an Egyptian (Arab Republic of Egypt) headstamp, but I can’t help with the box markings, sorry.

These are Egyptian. The date of manufacture is 1976 and the other number on the headstamp is 27, the code for the factory which is:

Shobra Company for Engineering Industries (Factory 27)
Teret El-Ismailia road, P.O.Box: 11241 Magd El-Eslam, Shobra, Cairo
Tel: 20-2-426-7716/7709/12 & Fax: 20-2-426-7710
Telex: 93338 MANSY UN
This military factory is affiliated with the Ministry of Military Production. Military products include small arms ammunition, anti tank rockets. Civilian products include electric motors, electric fans, electric switches and sockets.



I think I have about ten different Egyptian 9mm Para box labels. There seems to be a lot of information on them - at least, they have a lot of Arabic script on them. Has nyone every had a complete box label - all four sides - translated? It might be enlightening if someone knows someone that can do it. It would take, I would bet, not only someone pretty fluent in Arabic, but also familiar with arms and ammunition terminology. I tried, years ago, having one of my Yemen customers translate a Syrian box. He was fluent in Arabic, and excellent in English, but not a real student of small arms. His translation made little or no sense for 90% of the label!