Help M-88 Austrian 8x50R

Can anyone explain this what would appear to be a 77 date on a M-88, 8x50 R Austrian by “W”, who I think must be Weiss but I’m not sure of that either. Regardless, what is the “77” doing on a M-1888 cartridge? OR…

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Pete, I don’t know of any document or book explaining the “77” in this headstamp, but it has been speculated that it is a covert date. It is found in standard boxes in Hungarian language dated 1924. Made by Manfred Weiss.



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Very interesting !

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That does make some sense. 1924 too early for Spain. Africa?

Or just another mystery in a long list of ammunition mysteries

Many of these cartridges turned up in Bulgaria, so likely made for a Bulgarian contract. No proof just speculation from where many were found.

The covert numbers are because of Treaty of Trianon that limited the inventory and production of Hungary.
There were some more interesting covert codes. the artillery pieces were referred as follows:
15cm 1914M howitzer: 10 cm 14b M.
15cm 1914/35M howitzer: 10 cm 14/bcs. M.
15cm 1915 M. towed howitzer: 10 cm 14/c. M.
15cm 1931 M. towed howitzer: 10 cm 31/b. M.
10,5cm towed gun: 10 cm 31 M.
30,5cm 16M mortar was 10cm 14d M .
Their munition was marked accordingly.
15cm case (image from

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Great information, thank you!