Help. Mannlicher 8*50/56 brass stripper clip

Who have the picture of mannlicher 8*50/56 brass stripper clip,thank you ,wendy

Like this ?

If not, maybe you could be more specific.


Yes, that’s it, but I heard it’s made of copper or brass

Definitely brass.

It has been said that these clips were made for colonial Italian troops serving in Somalia, Eritrea or Ethiopia where steel quickly rusted, but I’ve never seen any conclusive evidence of this.


But I heard that copper was used in the late qing dynasty in China, but it may be red copper. I have seen pictures, but they are unearthed, and the price is very high, reaching 110 dollars, Wendy


That’s a lot to pay for a clip !

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc and many dug items are given an aggressive cleaning using chemicals to speed things up. There are people here who will understand the chemistry better than I but these chemicals leach out the surface zinc leaving the item with a reddish/pink colour.

Do you have a picture of one of these clips ?


This is excavated, surface erosion, but not treatedimage image


Very interesting … and thank you.

Your clips don’t have the finger grooves that are a feature of other Mannlicher M86/88/90 rifle clips;

Apart from the ones you show the only other ones without the grooves are Russian 1914-18 made ones that also have no cut-outs in the sidewalls.