Help me come up with a list of European manufacturers who made both pinfire guns and pinfire cartridges

I am trying to make a list of manufacturers who made both pinfire guns and pinfire cartridges. I would also include them if they were a manufacturer who had cartridges made specifically for them (with custom headstamp or custom box or something, etc)

Basically I just want some accessories (guns) to display with my cartridges! And this seems like a good way to limit the scope.

I have guns by:
Michel Javelle who also made a pinfire cartridge.
Casimir Lefaucheux who made the earliest pinfire shotshells and had some made specifically for him.
Norwegian Military marked revolver who had cartridges/box custom made for them

What are some more!?

Guns that should exist from manufactures who made pinfire cartridges:
Spanish Military
Italian Military

Did Dreyse & Collenbusch make one? Genschow Gustav & Cie? Pirlot Frères?

Who else?

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Aaron: I know little of pinfire history but I would think that the earlier you look the greater the likelihood that both cartridges and firearms were made by the same producers. That certainly was true in the U.S. as far as rimfires were concerned. A problem with the Spanish and Italian military pinfires may turn out to be that they were converted en masse to some later ignition system. Good luck! Jack


Many of the English Gunmaker did, certainly the early ones, I can quote the likes of;
etc. etc. the list is very long. In fact most either made or had made named cartridges, those are just examples I had to hand.

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