Help me identify some .223 range finds

Was given these two a while back but failed to find out where they were made, since both South Africa and China was a possibillity. Can any of you more at home in .223 say more?

The live round:

And the blank:


Soren, the ball round is definitely South African and made by Pretoria Metal Pressings. It’s the M1A3 as indicated by the 13 and was made in 1985.
I don’t have a blank with that particular headstamp so I’ll reserve judgement - although it also looks very South African to me.

Had a chance to look through the Fuchs’ reference and it looks like a PMP made blank, complete with white pa sealant.
Thx for help Jim.

I have “89 14” and “85 13” headstamps on 223 cases ( once ball rounds)

Do you ID my items as products made by PMP too?

Pivi - those should be from RSA (PMP) as well. I have many different 9 mm Para headstamps with this system of nothing more than the case-manufacture date and the “model & modification” number.

Pivi, those are PMP M1A3 (13) and M1A4 (14) rounds.


Fede, what about the differences between the two cartridge types ( M1A3 and M1A4) you listed?

Pivi, I think that the only appreciable difference is the powder used. Both are Berdan primed and loaded to M193 specifications.