Help-Muzzle or Slug?

Found in a hunting area.Can you help to identify?
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looks to be a shot gun shell slug, known here in the US as a rifled slug or punpkin ball.

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AKA Forester Slug.

My grandfather made reference to shotgun shell “pumpkin balls” when telling stories about deer hunting in Pennsylvania as a young man in the 1930s. I always took it to mean round ball slugs, but perhaps I’ve been mistaken all these years.

AKMS interesting, I grew up in PA in the early 1950’s & we called slugs “pumpkin balls”, even though they were hollow-based rifled slugs. I guess a case of a slang-name carry over?

Thanks for all the precious info . What a great forum indeed !

Pete, I am not a shot shell guy. Did hollow based slugs exist in the 1930’s? Did round ball shotgun slugs?

Grandfather was not a “gun guy”, so any term he used would have been local or colloquial, possibly not technically accurate…

This thread is the very first time I have heard anyone else use this term!

I can’t say for sure when the round ball went out, but I have 5-size boxes by Remington, Peters, J.C. Higgins & Sears which seem early to me & they are all labeled “Rifled Slugs”. I also have a Winchester box with a New Haven address & no nmention of Olin’s involvement, calling therm “Rifled Slugs”
Some early black paper U.S.C.Co. Climax (grooved head) have a white paper covered felt or fiber doughnut-style topwad which I’m pretty sure holds a round ball.
So to answer your existence question, yes there was some cross-over production.