HELP- my post flagged

I am a new member here. I need some help. I posted for information about a box of ammo I recently acquired. ITs is not for sale but was flagged as spam and moved to buy/sell/trade. Again, its not for sale or trade. I can not find information looking around this site on an admin to contact. How do I get my post unflagged and unhidden? I have recently gotten into collecting vintage ammo and boxes. Thanks for any help.

One reason, MAY be that you inquired about the price / It’s worth.
Usually that is a big tip off that the poster is going to offer it for sale on another site.

That may not be the case here, and I do not know why it was removed. BUT were I a forum moderator I’d have removed it for that reason.

If you collect you would know the tape over it was not original & would have opened it to see if it was full of rocks or whatever.

So it appears that you were just looking to resell from a collectors viewpoint.

my 2¢ on the matter

It was flagged for review because you recently joined and posted Links to external websites.

Then you posted it 3 more times and it auto flagged you as spamming that website you were linking to.

I was asked for pictures of the sides and posted them. I don’t see anything against the rules about posting pictures. Ill check again, maybe I missed it. I didn’t link an outside website other than posting the pictures from imgbb. Is there a preferred image hosting site that this forum prefers so I wont be flagged again?

And Im well aware that the clear scotch tape isn’t original. I just didn’t want to mess up the box label by trying to remove it. Since I wasn’t planning on selling it, I wasn’t concerned with finding out what was inside as I just wanted it mainly to display the box. But, after someone mentioned a possible date code I decided to open it and posted pictures of the ammo inside.

Like I said, Im new to collected old ammo boxes. I can usually find information on other sites for the values of what I have but can not find the 44 bull dog box anywhere. Yes, Id like to know the value, but not to resell. Its not for sale.

There’s nothing wrong with posting pictures. No one said you did anything wrong.

You posted pictures that ALSO had a link to the main page of the host that hosts them. Click one of your pictures. See what happens.

The software flagged your post for review and it was reviewed and approved. Not a big deal.

However, typically people just upload them here so they don’t go away in the future when a host closes or decides to stop allowing hotlinking.

Ok thanks a lot for explaining. I now see they can be uploaded directly here. Ill be sure to do that from now on instead of using an image hosting site.