Help needed. 71 14 headstamp

Greetings everyone, first of all thanks to the community for the warm welcome, specially to the members that have sent me mails in the past months. This is my first post but I will try to keep it short.

I have these 9mm cartridges with the 71 14 headstamp, the thing is I don’t really know the true meaning of the numbers nor the manufacturer. I believe they’re chinese but thus far I haven’t found a reliable source of information. This is of forensic importance so I would be grateful if you could share some kind of source for future references. I hope you can help me clear this dilemma for once and for all.

Congratulations, you got a Chinese made 9x19 out of 2014.
Where was it found?

This ia Mexican contract made in 2014 by Chongquing Changjiang (CJ).

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It’s actually evidence, this headstamp keeps coming to the lab from time to time and it has been a pain to identify.

That’s a revelation to me Fede, Do you have more info about it, I really need it. And thanks for the fast response.

Javier, is it showing up in Mexico or someplace else?

In Mexico at least, but I don’t really know much right now, I’m guessing the cartridges are spread around the country but I would lie if I put it in numbers.