Help needed to confirm the type of cartridge and to identify the headstamp

Found a cartridge near Russian border in Estonia. Im guessing its 7.92×57mm Mauser, am I correct and what can we read out from the headstamp? Produced in 1932?


The markings on headstamp are A, T, 32, 3

If you could show the headstamp we could make sure.
But for the moment it appears to be a Yugoslav made cartridge.

Sorry, saw it was a longer image/link and had shown the headstamp. It definately is what I said above.

Yes as EOD stated i is Yugo:
Artiljerijsko Technicki Zavod - Kragujevac, Yugoslavia.
(Now Serbia). This is the former Kragujevac Arsenal.

Thank you for your help EOD and Cartridgecorner! I appreciate it.